Monday, March 4, 2013

Fetch! Pet Care of Silver Spring's Severe Weather Policy:

Please note that as of 2/11/2014 Our Severe Weather Policy has changed.

We will make every attempt to get to every walk and visit on severe weather days, however if it is such a storm that only a few of the sitters can get out our first responsibility will be to visit the pets who have owners that are out of town and pets who are in need of medicine, followed then by puppies, and then regular dog walks.  If for some reason we cannot get to your pet due to severe weather you will be called. 
If the Federal Government closes (not liberal leave) due to severe weather, we will automatically cancel mid day walks (not vacation visits) that day for clients unless you request otherwise and a sitter is available. We will still do any and all vacation visits scheduled on that day (and prep for them beforehand as much as possible by leaving extra food and water).
If you choose to stay home, get stuck at home or your travel plans are altered because of weather please call or email us by ASAP (by 9am for daily dog walks) to let us know that your pet will not need a visit that day. 

We have learned a few lessons from past big weather events and we wanted to pass along some tips that can help us give the best possible care to you and your pets.  As we have seen in the past few years, storms, snow and other emergency situations can arise with little to no warning. Thank you and we hope you and your pets stay safe and warm during the storm.
  • Please try to always have more than enough food and litter on hand
  • Keep extra bottled water in your home to use for pets
  • Stock up and make sure you have batteries and flashlights
  • Keep extra ice in your freezer – this can also be used for pet water in case of restrictions
  • Put Fetch! Silver Spring’s contact info in your cell phone (301-850-1274,  In these types of situations we have found email is the best way to contact us – the internet may be down in our location but we do have a way to ensure we have access to it so we can always monitor our email plus it leaves cell lines open for emergency calls
  • Post a rescue alert sticker where rescue personnel can see it with your vet info and number of pets in your home
  • Make sure we have your most current contact info on file – your basic contact information is always at the top of each of the service orders we email you so this is a good place to double check that it is correct
  • Make sure we have your vet and at least one emergency contact on file
  • Make sure your pet has a current pet ID tag attached firmly to their collar
  • Update your pet’s feeding and medical information with us
  • If you are away traveling please let us know when you return home safely